OSU College of Engineering research and innovative ideas solve tangible problems and make vital contributions to the economy. The National Academy of Engineering summarizes the important role played by academic engineering, stating:

“the value of engineering research is its capacity to solve real-world problems. Engineering research has provided the systematic underpinnings for the design, analysis, production, and operation of products and systems … [and] … academic engineering research provides the setting for advanced training and education of our nation's most able technical specialists. It is from this reservoir of talent that the most creative technical ideas which underpin industrial progress and economic growth have emerged.”

The Challenge of Containing Japan's Nuclear Plant

300 metric tons of radioactive water are leaking from Fukushima. How dangerous is the radioactive spill in Japan? The leakage water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant has been declared a level 3 "serious incident" by regulators. The WSJ's Deborah Kan speaks with Kathryn Higley, Head of Nuclear Engineering at Oregon State University.


Public Wave Energy Test Facility Begins Operation in Oregon

Ocean SentinelThe deployment of the Ocean Sentinel made national headlines in CBS, CNBC, Businessweek and other media outlets as a major advancement in wave energy. The $1.5 million device developed by the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Oregon State University is one of the first public wave energy testing systems in the United States.



Would a Major Earthquake Sink Portland or Seattle in Liquefied Soil?

Reporter Tom Bearden interviewed Scott Ashford and Pat Corcoran on PBS Newshour. Bearden dug deeply into OSU expertise and Ashford and Corcoran demonstrated their extensive knowledge of the special risks the Pacific Northwest faces from earthquake and tsunami hazards.



Robotics: Physical Interaction Tasks

This NSF’s Science360 Knowledge Network piece features Oregon State University professor Jonathan Hurst talking about his work with robotics and physical interaction tasks.  The members of his Dynamic Robotics Laboratory explore, design, and build robotic systems that move swiftly and can easily handle impacts and kinetic energy transfer.